Monday, June 25, 2007

Sharper Image Founder Awakens From 15 Year Coma, Exclaims, "Hey, It's The 90's!"

San Diego, CA
Sharper Image founder, Richard Thalheimer awoke from a 15 year coma, caused when a test model of his company's Southwestern themed ionic breeze exploded in his face during a photo shoot.

Thalheimer seemed confused, answering doctors' and family members' questions by shrugging and saying "hey, it's the 90's!" and, "Theres just something about a wall of rising bubbles that makes people want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on it."

While Thalheimer inquired as to the non-southwestern nature of his hospital gown, his family quietly discussed the best way to break the news regarding the actual length of his coma. They worried about how Thalheimer would react to the truth.

"It's definitely not the 90's, is the thing." said Thalheimer's brother Daniel. "As kids, Richard used to tell me, 'Danny, if the future doesnt look like it was designed by Navajo astronauts, i dont want to live in it.'"

For now the family will try to surround Thalheimer with comforting items to ease his transition.

"Who needs a doctor when youve got a lifesize replica of the Predator by your bedside?" Wondered Thalheimer from under his adobe laser blanket.