Friday, May 16, 2008

Book Treatment To Send To Publishers ASAP!

Dear Piblusher,
the Follwing is a treatment for a book thank you.

Party Tips For Black People
By Gary Stevens
(this will be my pen name so people might think I might be black?)

Hi, OK: Im thinking of writing a book of party tips for throwing a great party. But then I said to myself, there are plenty of party tips books out there. But what there aren’t is, are any party tips books geared toward black people so here goes!
(note to publisher: KEEP READING!)

Chapter 1:
im not black but I think black people are great!!!!!! Lets get started.

Capter 2:
Making invitations. I’ll need to do some research into the favorite fonts of black people (do you capitalize Black People?). Also card stock. If I were a Black Person what kind of card stock would I think sizzled? These will all be researched and written.

Chatper 3: This will be the chapter where the real party tips start. Soda? Check! Ice? Check! Black people? DOUBLE CHECK!!! HAHA
See how I plan to put the reader at ease? This will be fun for everyone who is a black person (or even othr race too! Who knows!?)

Chapter 5;
Thius chatpter will be a joke chapter! What happened to chapter 4? It’s a mystery! Haha. It will be like a joke mystery. Just a joke though. THIS BOOK HAS NO RULES!

Chapethg 6
Here we really start telling the party tips BIG TIME. Meat and potatoes chapter

Ch #7:
Last chapty of book. I basivly say my goodbies to the Black People And tell them the truth I am white (even if they didn’t believe wen I told them before cuz they maybe were so fooled by my pen name). This is where brotherly love comes into play. Racial together. Then when they least suspect it, one last party tip: DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!!

If you like this for a bookPlease mail publishing monehy to me today!

Oh and one more thing…don’t fogret to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotcha again! Ha. Seriously. Thqnks for your time

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Succinct Character: The Dad Who is Morally Opposed to Diarrhea

(bang bang bang) What’s going on in there Jeremy!?!
...Not in my house you're not !!!

(trying to turn knob) Unlock this door! Unlock this door this instant!

I hear what you're doing in there you little sicko!

Marilyn, call Father Thompson!…and also call THE POLICE!
...'Collywobbles' my ass! He's a disgusting little shit AND I WANT HIM OUT OF THIS HOUSE!


(storms off, only to return seconds later)…You deserve not making JV baseball, you hear me!?! You deserve it!!!