Friday, April 18, 2008

Dead Baby-Sidewalk-Bird, a poem

Dead baby sidewalk bird
More startling to step on than any turd
Popping sound? A little pink bird!
Bird bird bird bird bird bird bird

Dead baby sidewalk bird
Fragile body. Not yet featherrrred
Sorry your song will never be heard
Just kidding. I hate you, sidewalk bird

Dead baby sidewalk bird
Maybe hate was too strong a word
Accept my apology? I feel like a nerd.
Whoah hear what that cat said? I think it purrred!

Dead baby sidewalk bird
Rhyming your name is really hurrrrd
But I realize it’s what you would’ve preferred
Had your siblings not pecked you to death for being weak

-Robert Frost *

*JK It's by me. So chew on THAT, you racist.