Thursday, January 28, 2010

Murder Karate

Id like to announce that I have opened a MURDER-KARATE dojo in the outside downtown area.

NOTE: Murder Karate is in no way pro violence! I repreat! Murder Karate is in no way pro violence!

Murder Karate is an ancient Japanees art form that simply teaches one how to murder people. AND ALL THE WHILE BEING GUESS WHAT: AT ONE, YOU IDIOT!

Although the tools you will learn in my murder karate class CAN be used to murder people, I am in no way am telling you to murder people...But when you do- you'll be glad you took my class on how to!!!


The Revolutionary said...

I can't wait to take this class. There is nothing I enjoy more than karate-ing people to death.

I just sent you a money order through the United States Postal Service to pay for the class. You should receive it by Monday.

I hope $7.36 was enough, because it's all I had.

Lucas Held said...

Payment is ONLY accepted through prepaid payment cards available at Ace Auto!!!