Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally a blog post JUST FOR TEENS!

This blog post is a safe place where teens can read. Post comments. Click around. Whatever!


Teen boxing
The world of boxing is a great place for teens. Here at this blog post, we take all sorts of teens OFF the streets and put them into the boxing ring immediately.

Teens can make not-bad money, boxing full grown men as a way for the dude to feel better about himself and get a chance to actually hurt somebody. This is a public health issue solved by TEENS!

Teens dating teens? Now I’ve seen everything!

It’s a fact of life. These days, teens are gunna date some teens sometimes. That’s why today’s teens use protection. Protecteen tm is a teen organization that exists solely within this blog post. It ensures teens have the tools they need, to protect themselves from sexy diseases.

Teen poetry corner
Hi teen, welcome.
You look sad. Did you know that means you’re a good writer? Its true. Come on in and pull up a beanbag. Sorry it’s not chair-size.
Hey, so, Rebecca was just about to read us her poem. Take it away Rebeccs.

Cool. Great job Rebecca. I guess that was lucky how all those words wound up rhyming, huh? Writing is a funny thing. It’s 25% luck, 50% sadness and 25% typing.

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