Tuesday, August 5, 2008


“From The Neighborhood”
A Ginzo Goomba’s Guide to Being from the Neighborhood
By Tony Italiani
(pen name so I can have a right to talk about neighborhoods)

OK, wow. Hi. OK publisher. So I safe to say you didn’t piblush my Party Tips for Black People book because you never wrote back and I haven’t seen it in book stores and I didn’t get a money check but this next book is even better because it is great I had the idea while reading that Sopranos guy’s book A Goomba’s Guide to Love

and it gave me the idea From The Neighborhood: A Ginzo Goomba’s Guide to Being From the Neighborhood so here goes.

Chapter 1: Love

This chapter will act as a goomba’s guide to love. Mama mia!

Chapter 2: growing up in the neighbohod.

Here I will bretend I am a Italian from the neighbohohd. I tell traditional stories about my mama mia’s cooking and my papa pia’s crime gang. Real tight nit comyunity. Funny stories all written in a Brookland accent!

Chafter 3: You know you’re from the neighborhood (sp?) if you…
-had an uncle
-are a Italian actor
-pronounce pizza without sounding out the z’s (“peeetsa”)
-are a murderer
-are murdered
-are a redneck (JK jeff fockswerthy is GOD (JK jesus is))

CHAPT 4: famous Italian Americans
-Leonardo Davinchio
-Whos The Boss
-Onlympia Ducockiss

Chaptor 5: Neighborhood Shmeiborhood (sp?)

This chapter will make fun of the neighborhood for fun. What’s with ‘the neighborhood’? What is that baloney? Huh?
It’ll make people laugh because they like to see the things they love get yelled at sometime.

Happy publishing!


Anthony DeVito said...

I'd be laughing, except I'm crying.

Lucas Held said...

dont cry anthony. theres light at the end of the cannoli!!! LOL!!
you can use that, but not in your act. only at family dinners and street fairs.