Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Movie pitches

Going to LA to give some pitches. Here’s the game plan:

Alright, sit down. Shut up & listen you goddamn movie executives. Because life’s a PITCH…and then you die (mime gunshot at each exec’s face. Now I have their undivided.)

Ghost Babies
Think Baby Geniuses meets A Cry In The Dark.
A young couple’s baby dies but then they are surprised to find out their baby comes back as a, you guessed it, baby ghost (ghost baby)! Could have a funny scene where parents get to finally sleep in after funeral, then suddenly “WAAAAH!” Oh brother!

Ghost Baby gets into all sorts of trouble style mischief until the grumpy neighbor decides to call an exorcist. Ghost baby and all the other baby ghosts from the neighborhood have to get together and work together so they can do it.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being White
Documentary on how hard it is to be white in today’s reverse racism society. Reverse klan. Reverse stereotypes. Reverse slavery (freedom). The list goes on. Will be documentary so script not necessary!

Spike Lee’s The Original Kings Of Shut Up
We get spike lee to write and direct movie about a group of famous people who are always going “shut up!” in a million different ways. Different situations. Different settings, but always SHUT UP!
(wait for exec to say something)
SHUT UP!!! Haha, see? This is the nature of the beast.

The Nature of the Beast
Just thought of this one. Maybe The Beast could be played by Chris Farley’s fat alive brother.


ned ehrbar said...

I love this.

Mo Diggs said...

fat alive brother

i smell a sitcom