Monday, September 29, 2008

My Prize Winning Heirloom Tomatoes

"The Beflummoxed Southern Colonel"

My BSC's came in early this year, which is something we in the tomato world call "knapsacking" or "halfshafting".

"Grand Ol' Stinker"

To the untrained eye, this 'mato would appear bruised & rotten. But we Tomaniacs know better.

"The Arkansas Beefmeat"

Looks like your average tomato, but tastes like 100 dollars!

"The Hiding Jew"

"Delaware Lymph Node"

"The Salad Shadow"

Some of my best tomatoes are black.

"Shemp's Delight"

Now THIS is a fun tomato!

"Hedgeman's False Potato Tomato"

Truly a tomato in potato's clothing. This is my second favorite tomato for tricking people with!

"Oregon Exploder"

...and this is my first favorite!

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Dan said...

fried geen beefmeats