Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whispering Man Takes Too Long Getting to Point.

Gleesborough, OH
A Gleesborough man, whispering some confidential information into a friend’s ear, took too much time getting to the point, causing the friend to become uncomfortable. Transcript below:

(whisperer leans in close to victim’s ear)
“Hey, holy crap! That’s uh….whats it called…(9 second pause)…uhhbuhbuhbuh…whats it called?…pshewwwwww….oh man, whachamacallit….(35 second breathy pause).”

Despite the victim's attempts to lean away, the whisperer managed to maintain the level of mouth to ear proximity for almost 2 minutes.

EMTs were called to the scene but they were unable to revive the victim, who later died and is now paralyzed. The whisperer is being held without bail because he wasnt arrested...HE WAS KIDNAPPED!

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