Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandparents week-and-a-half continues with: LAP ENVY

Yeah, thats right. I have a 37" lap. Its not a big deal or nothin, but...heh grandkids aint complainin!

trust me...there's room.

Other grandparents be jealous of what i got but I'm just like, "Pfft! I don't give a shit! i didn't ASK to have this gigantic lap, BITCH!"

Some people take one look at my lap and they're like, "you, Mr Magillicuddy, are God's gift to lapsitters." Well let me tell ya...there's more to grandparenting than laps...but, once youve had a story read to you on a Cadillap...why would you ever go back, BITCH!?!


Mo Diggs said...

So George F. Will is a guitarist now?

Lucas Held said...

Who F. What?

anne altman said...

my grandpa smelled like BO.

apparently, i realized this at an early age. my mother tells the story of how she took me to the old corner kids' shoe store one day, and while the shoe salesman was measuring my tiny foot, i exclaimed in her ear in a shouting whisper, 'MOMMY, HE SMELLS LIKE GRAMPA.'

mom knew what that meant. i believe she was embarrassed. i got a new pair of mary janes.

the end.

anne altman said...

PS yes, he was wearing a short sleeved button down shirt with a tie. a lot of musky wafting comes out from under a short sleeved button down shirt. especially if you're at kid level. it's a direct hit. awwww, grampa.

B. Freret said...

Cadillap = 4 stars. Well done!