Monday, November 3, 2008

History's Least Popular Presidential Campaign Slogans

"Change me, America!"
-Bernie Babyman Campaign

"TOGETHER, We Can Brutalize Poverty"
-Hillel Z. Magnumfuck Campaign

"A Live, Uncooked, Cackling Chicken in EVERY Lunchpale, for Some Reason"

-William Werver Campaign

"Helping America Shut The Fuck Up"
-Phillip Roosevelt Campaign

"Tippytapoo and Tyler Canoe TooTOO!"

-Wavy Davy Campaign

"PUT THAT (me) IN YOUR PIPE (voting booth) AND SMOKE (vote for) IT (me)!"
-Hubert Herver Campaign


-Brennis Gordon Campaign

"In God we Thrust"
-Sexfuck W. Buttchrist Campaign

"I like Kike"
-Francis Kiker Campaign

"Vote for me and I will munch your box for a solid hour"
-Diego Ortega campaign

"Country First. Dealing With My Prostate Problems a DISTANT Second."

-Daniel Brashigan campaign

"I am Going To Kill Myself, GUARANTEED!"

-Paul Westerfield Campaign


Mo Diggs said...

A comment for Lucas is a comment for America!

Held/Diggs '12

Mathieu said...

"I had a dream. May have to change my sheets"
-Marvin Butterfing campaign

Notice the use of the words "dream" and "change"

B. Freret said...

Oh my god, I'm crying. Because I'm laughing. (It would be awkward to cry with sadness because of your post, because it is funny not sad, and even more so to then comment about it. "Woo hoo! Lookee me! Issues!" No, not THAT kind of crying, I promise.)

Profane. Stupid. I think I love you. Like a friend.

B. Freret