Sunday, February 18, 2007

Actor Steve Buscemi, ‘I too will donate my eyes when I die.’

Following in the footsteps of the recently deceased Jerry Orbach, Actor/Director Steve Buscemi has said he will immediatly arrange for his own status as an eye doner.
“Being an organ donor is important, but few people realize how important it is to specifically be an eye donor,” Said Buscemi, “the thought of my eyes giving the gift of sight to a small child is a heartwarming prospect.”
However, not everyone is thrilled by that prospect.

“Creepy,” shuddered Carla Hollis, a 31 year old waitress and mother of blind twins, currently awaiting a donor. “Imagine a baby with [Buscemi's] crazy dead eyes stuffed into its little sockets…oh my God. It’d look like some kind of nocturnal marsupial, or some sort of deep sea fish. I'll take the blind twins over baby Frankenstein, thank you very much."

“We wouldn’t turn away any healthy eyes that come in,” said Gregory Simms of the NY Organ Bank. “But…we do try to avoid mismatches.” Buscemi’s eyes would be unlikely to wind up in a child or infant. “They will more likely go to a jittery ner-do-well or a quirky loner.” Said Dr Simms. “Perhaps someone whose wiry frame and informal attitude belie a brutally violent nature.” Dr Simms added, "I personally think Mr. Buscemi has nice eyes. Very awake looking."

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