Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fancy Restaurant

I went to a fancy restaurant the other yesterday and I was struck by how the waiter always describes the specials with the article "a".
"Tonight we offer a fillet of salmon, cooked in an olive oil. We also offer a Frenchbread pizza which is a bread that is quite cleverly, a pizza."

I don’t get that, cuz if they really want to sound fancy they should say “THE”.

“Today we offer THE Frenchbread pizza. Trust me, you have NEVER had frenchbread pizza like this before. Mama Celeste would probably blow her brains all over her rustic kitchen if she ever tasted this stuff. Thats how shamed she'd be. Thats how."

Then I'd be like, "That honestly sounds like a huge over reaction on Mama Celeste's part." And the waiter wouldnt say shit because he'd know i'm right. And my date would be like, "Mmmmm...ughnnn."

And i'd go, "you order whatever you want, Glenda."
Then she'd order a bowl of peepee and i'd regret telling her that.

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