Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boston Mayor Beheaded By Cast of Coach in TV Guerilla Marketing Ploy

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was publicly decapitated in what has been described as a guerilla marketing scheme for the long canceled sitcom Coach.
Bostonians were surprised to find the original cast of the show performing the execution on an improvised stage near Kenmore Square.

"At first, we all thought it was like a show or somethin’. [The cast of Coach] ran onstage and danced around. Craig T. Nelson, he was like the hype man. Getting the crowd clapping in unison and whatnot." Said witness Mike Baird, a City Parks employee.
"Jerry Van Dyke on the other hand, he hung back. Looked real serious. I guess now I know why."

While all of the cast members participated in holding down the hysterically struggling mayor, the role of executioner fell to Van Dyke, who unceremoniously removed Menino's head with a commemorative Coach Bowie-knife, before vomiting and running off stage.

"We figured it'd be funny if Van Dyke did the deed because he usually looks so friendly." Said Samule Quentin of Mandangle Marketing, a New York based guerilla-marketing firm.

"Doing the opposite of the perceived norm can often result in humorous dividends. For example: a salad made out of meat, or a promiscuous infant." Explained Quentin.

Boston was put on high alert until it became clear that the kidnapping and public execution was a publicity stunt.

Memorial services for Menino will be held at Parson's Funeral Home in Brookline, MA.


Luke Cunningham said...

Mennino was a fucking tyrant.

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé !
Vive le MortBoite du Luther!!!

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