Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hunter Able to Fell Tiny Deer by 'Giving it a Good Smack'

Mt Scrumbledale, NY:
Hunter Gene Parso made history last week, when he came upon an unusually small, fragile whitetail buck, which he was able to kill by "smackin' him one."

"Im waiting in my treestand all day," recounted Parso, "Around 6pm, i see this little deer come through the brush. I aint never seen a deer so little before. So i think to myself, 'I dont even need my gun for this lil' bastid'."

Mr Parso then climbed down from his treestand, aproached the small deer and "smacked him around" for about 5 minutes.

"Y'know that scene in the Godfather, where Sonny beats-up his brother in law in the street? Thats what it was like, only instead of knocking him into a pile of trash cans, i knocked him into a pile of plants cuz we was in the woods."

Parso has no plans to mount the deer as a trophy.

"He aint pretty no more," He explained. "I'll probably just wind up using him as firewood or somethin."


Mo Diggs said...

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Lucas Held said...

thanks mo. and thank you for the lovely basket of preserves.

Lilli said...

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