Friday, February 16, 2007

This blog written while flying down the street on a Kawasaki Ninja

Yo. It's me here. Reporting from the seat of my beloved Kawasaki Ninja performance bike. Im screaming along the main drag, doing 115 and believe me, IT IS ON!

If youre wondering why this blog is absolutely dripping with sex and turbo, let me lay it out for you simplistic. I'm typing this shit as i scream through the streets of suburban New Jersey. You dig? I'm turnin ladies' heads and wakin up the deads, and my hands arent even on the Goddamn motherfucking handlebars. I havent even looked up in 10 minutes. Thats how ON it is.

Anyway, get to the point, right? OK. Im typing this as I shreik through backyards and playgrounds at 297 MPH to let you know some important shit about making your dreams a reality. Know what im sayin? Of course you dont. Cuz if you did, i wouldnt have to type a blog as I blurt through the aisles of Costco doing thousands of MPHs in the saddle of my Kawasaki Ninja. Oh yeah, I also have tribal arm band tattoos and work in a cell phone store. Deal with it!

1 comment:

JJB said...

dripping in sex and turbo -- nice. i'm totally stealing that.