Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ghost Report!

New weekly blog feature, where we investigate ghosts

This week, Ghost Report investigated a report of a ghost in an abandoned haunted house known as "Ghost House". In the early 20th century, Ghost House served as a haunted house for a ghost. Now abandoned, it is completely haunted WITH GHOSTS. An ironic end for a haunted house (Ghost House) if you ask me.

Ghost house is a haunted house that is...h...y'know what? I didn’t go. You got me. I had a headache and a sore throat so I didn’t go.

Next Week's Ghost Report:

Y'know what? No more Ghost Report, huh? No More Ghost Report. Thats probably best. Scroll down for an apology

jk omg


Mo Diggs said...

I knew this recurring feature didn't stand a ghost of a chance

Lucas Held said...

2 for 2 with the punpliments!