Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letter to My Favorte comedian

By Timmy Walsh
Ms Gurston's 3rd grade

Dear Mr Poundstone,
You are My favorit cmedian are a very funny man Paul Poundstone. I saw you on tv at my grandparent house when they let me stay up and watch tv. you have a very funny things to say about all kinds of things. Me and my older sister and even my granparents were laffing!

you wears business suite just like my dad. I wish my dad was funny like you tho! I bet you could beet up my dad. he has egsama AND sorayases. Will you marry my sister so you can be my big brother? her boyfrend died last yeer so don worry about him.

Your fan,

Timmy Walsh

PS: plees don't beet up my dad sir. Just a jok. Ok?

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Sara Benincasa said...

This is awesome.
I like knowing that somewhere, somehow, someone is reading this and masturbating.