Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I figure I'll let you guys in on whats been going on. My gourd, Gourdon, was recently diagnosed with cancer. The first time I noticed something was wrong was when I first bought Gourdon and noticed he was covered in tumors.

I told myself it was nothing to worry about- that's just how gourds look, right?
Then a week later, there was blood in Gourdon's stool.
I took the day off work and brought him to the hospital.

After starting chemo, all of Gourdon's stem fell out. He's self conscious (Gourdon always was a ladies gourd) so I told him he looked just like Bruce Willis (but, lets be honest, he's more of a bald Edward James Olmos/F. Murray Abraham).

Last Sunday I woke up early to bring Gourdon to the Farmer's Market. He was cold to the touch. But that's normal for a gourd, so we went to the market and had a great time. Then the next morning I woke up early to take him in for radiation. This time he was mushy and rotten to the touch. He was gone.

You were a good friend Gourdon.
Whenever I see gourds, I'll think of you and smile.
And whenever I see cancer, I'll think of your cancer and frown.


Mo Diggs said...

Sucks when your hopes get...................squashed.

anne altman said...

tee hee!

gourdon. gordon. a terrible name all around.

so is gary.