Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OPINIONS: None of Yo Business!

By Scrimpscrimp Barlayjanay

Dear The Editor,

Ok first off, I been drinking Bombay Sapphire ALL DAY, so you need to CHANGE YO DISPOSITION. Understand? Secondly it aint none of yo business what I be do. And this is why I writing to you today.

People be asking me, “Scrimpscrimp, why you be do that?” and I be tryin to tell them, “None of yo business!” but they don’t even want to hear it. This is an issue of the community!

Now some people be getting at my fambly. They say, “all you Barlayjanays be drinkin Bombay Sapphire all day. That aint no way t’make the day.”
Now when it comes down to things, is that any of anybody’s business? I beg to disagree.

Dear The Editor yours,

Scrimpscrimp Barlayjanay
The None-of-yo-business KING of America, BITCH!


Anonymous said...

weirdest blog entry ever!

anne altman said...

dad? get back in your hole.